Watch Dogs series, one of GTA’s biggest rivals (at least as much), will be revealed with its overly ambitious new game. We will probably see GTA 6 right after him. Wtch Dogs Legion will apparently be a major competitor to GTA 6

The first thing that comes to mind when you say GTA is an open world with unlimited possibilities. The successful series offers a huge world to its fans with every game. In addition, in the buy world, the player has the opportunity to do almost anything. Especially recently, the concept of the open world, which has found a great place in the game world, has been moved to another dimension with the first and second games of the Watch Dogs series. Even though there are conflict mechanics in Watch Dogs games, the main feature is that a hacker is managed.

Being able to change the city structure from a mobile phone while escaping from the cops in a world without ends was an astonishing innovation for the players. Now, the highly anticipated Watch Dogs Legion game is in mind. Ubisoft E3 showed a gameplay video to the players at its conference in 2019 and received quite positive feedback about this video. We wanted to prepare an article that combines what we know about Watch Dogs Legion, which is expected to be released. If you wish, let’s go through our article without further ado. In the meantime, you can watch the gameplay video published below if you wish.

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